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Creating a website. Design studio


     Welcome dear friend! You are greeted by creative design web studio "Amistad".

(derived from the Spanish word, which means "friendship")


Our goals are :

- to build friendly relations with all!

- to create favorable conditions for cooperation!

- to achive your leadership over the competitors!


    If you read this, you are our friend! It doesn't matter whether you live on the left side of Kiev or on the right side of Kiev, the main things are quality, exclusive, singularity and safety.


We provide next services «AMISTAD»:


    Creating a website: websites, information sites, business card sites, corporate website, e-shops, data portals.

   Website promotion - first, we take the taglines, connected with your product or service. Then, after site indexing, when these taglines are requested, Google will show them in TOP 10, TOP 5 or TOP 1 search results. Why Google? Because this is the most popular and actual search engine. The others will automatically catch up the popularity of your site and bring it in their TOP 10, TOP 5 or TOP 1.

   Digital advertising – It is the popular tools used for product and services promotion on the Internet through the contextual advertising, banner ad, writing articles on the web-site and promotional articles.


    Making the presantations: strategy development and multimedia presentations production (PowerPoint, Flash). Presentation of your products and services, information or promotional tool that allows the user to interact with it through the controls. The goal is to bring in understandable form to the audience the complete information about the presentation object.

    Design and printing: making the unique and unrepeatable site design, printing, banners, business cards, flyers, corporate style, logo design, prepress preparation of printed products layout, printing and delivery.


    Copywriting - is a professional work consisting of writing advertising and presentation texts, as well as articles for the effective promotion of your website and exclusive difference from other competitors.


So, we suggest you the next kinds of friendship:
- client relationship;
- partnership;

Whatever the weather or the day of the week is,we always: 
- make an INTERESTING proposal;
- take into account ANY budget;
- find a COMPROMISE;
- cheer you up;

Our team is young and ambitious!
Ideas are always fresh!
Prices are edible!


    Creating a website is very actual but competitive busines line. If the company doesn't have its own site, it is doomed to failure of its activity, because the website is the face of the company on the Internet. And as you know there are a lot of website visitors on it.

    Design web studio "Amistad" performs work of "creating a website" in the shortest time (from 1 week to 1 month. It depends on complexity of design, number of pages, optional modules, etc.).

   Website can contain a full range of additional services. These include the development of individual design, hosting search, filling the resource with content, and more. Cooperation with us will save your money as well as bring your organization to the next level.

    Writing a site is similar to the product of art. The only difference is that only one person does all work in the art, and writing a site requires the participation of a qualified professional group.



We suggest you a partnership for your success!


Special tasty proposal for company catalogs, Internet Providers
and bulletin boards!



Creating a website. Writing a website. Design studio. Web studio. Website promotion


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